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Helping others to succeed by sharing, mentoring, or sponsoring is contagious. We are all responsible to teach these young people how to give back to the society. Besides being great tennis players, they will soon become doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, or politicians. They might become... you. 

Your contribution is vital to continue our important work, because we can only succeed thanks to the generosity of supporters like you!


Swiss University Tennis Association

Heimatstrasse 11, 8645 Jona, Switzerland

IBAN: CH17 8080 8004 9494 5632 3


IID (BC-Nr.) 80808


Bank Raiffeisen


We are creating the next generation of leaders


There are many benefits of being involved in competitive team environment. It teaches young people valuable lifelong skills, such as competitiveness, self discipline, accountability, teamwork, prioritising, and goal setting. This is an amazing learning opportunity players get only with college tennis. Many companies value graduating students that have lived through this experience. Student athletes tend to be more resistant when performing under the pressure, more adaptive to new environments and flexible to solve problems.

Now, you should better understand how University Tennis League is more than just a competition. Please donate. 


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