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THE competition

Our mission is to create a European continental tennis league based in Switzerland. UTL is a simple platform allowing Swiss University Tennis programs to compete with each other. Starting the season 2023/24, the league shall be divided into West and East Conferences. Best two teams from each conference will face each other in Play-off's.















reinventing the game

We don’t want to copy, compare, neither compete with American college tennis system. University Tennis League has its own unique concept which has been adapted to European conditions. Our new rules and match format make this competition an exciting experience for both the players and the spectators.

Coexisting with other competitions

It is not our intention to disrupt or overlap any important competitions. The University Tennis League shell be an addition to players regular schedule including his/her interclub matches, Swiss University Championships, European University Championships, or other important academic events such as Universiade.

Becoming part of a legacy

Our mission in Switzerland and Europe, is to initiate new culture and attitude towards sport and tennis particularly. Connect and engage local communities and support each other. Helping others to succeed by sharing, mentoring, or sponsoring is contagious. Next generation of leaders will give back to the society in many ways. Alumni engagement is just one great example.

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OUR PArtners

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